How to get started

How to install and use Flowcourier Analytics

There are just 4 steps to have the extension up and running in Umbraco


1. Install the extension

The Flowcourier Analytics is available via NuGet. Visit the URL Flowcourier Analytics on NuGet for instructions on how to install the package in your website. Or search the Flowcourier package in Visual Studio.


2. Create Service Account for your Google Analytics property.

If you are familiar with Google Analytics Console, head there and create Service Account user and then in Google Analytics add this new user read access to the property you want to read. 

For detailed steps see Connecting Google Analytics


3. Get license and install license

You can see licensing options at Pricing page. We will send you license to your inbox which then you can copy to your /umbraco/Licenses -folder. License is limited on domains, so please provide every URL you want the extension work at.


4. Create new Connection to Google Analytics from Umbraco

In in Settings/Flowcourier/Connection and provide your new Service Account and your Google Analytics PropertyID. See Umbraco Configuration